Wood and Brush Chipping

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Once you let us take care of all your tree needs, you must consider what to do with the debris that accompanies it such excellent care. We offer great eco-friendly alternatives to disposing of your tree debris which includes brush chipping.

Whether clearing an area for new construction or just expanding the boundaries of your current lawn, clearing underbrush can be quite a task. It can take several days to remove the undergrowth from only a few square feet. However, the harder job comes when its time to remove all the brush that has been cleared.  Trying to haul out all the brush is going to take up a lot of time. An easy way to get rid of cleared brush is by allowing us to chip it. Our chipper can turn stacks upon stacks of brush debris in to wood chippings that take up just a fraction of the space of the original brush. Once brush is put through the chipper, it is much easier to move and dispose of. The mulch that is created is also useful for laying down around the base of trees and shrubs--as mulch minimizes the plant's need for watering in the summer and protects the roots in the winter. Chipping can help with your land clearing tasks and help make your landscaping more beautiful and easier to maintain.

If you have no use for tree mulch, we can stack whole debris appropriately for your city to collect and dispose of. We also offer the option of having our crews cutting and stacking of re-usable debris for firewood as well as complete clean up and haul away of your debris for added convenience.

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