Very professional. Dan and his crew assisted us with taking down some problem trees on our property. I couldn't of asked for any better customer service and will be using them again.
Chad S.
East Stroudsburg, PA

March 14, 2019
Fast, reliable and affordable! We were looking for a tree cutting company to come and cut down a tree that started leaning towards our home after the last wind storm. We contacted two local companies, the first one took 3 days to get back to us. Blue Ridge answered right away and was literally at our home 15 minutes after the phone call to give us an estimate. The estimate was very reasonable and they even took the wood pile we wanted removed from another tree that was cut and left on our property previously. The guys that did the work were extremely professional and treated our property like their own. Highly recommend for all your tree service needs. Will use again in the future for sure! Thank you Blue Ridge!
Vanessa Carol

January 23, 2019
Blue Ridge Tree Services did an amazing job today, taking down 6 trees next to our Shawnee-on-Delaware cabin. Thanks to Dan, Zach, John, and Dave for their hard work and professionalism!
Robert A. Orr

January 2019
Good prices, reliable, and they clean up afterwards. I recommend them.
Sharon Marks

November 23, 2018
I highly recommend Blue Ridge Tree Services! The guys came out and took down 4 huge trees, trimmed up a bunch of others, and cleaned up any mess. I wanted to keep the wood and the cut and stacked up nicely. Will definitely be using them again!!!
Stefanie Herold

February 27, 2018
We had Dan and company out to the house to remove two big oaks. They did great work, cleaned up after themselves, and did everything they said they would and more. For an amazing price! I would highly recommend them to anyone! My little guy loved watching them work with all the big trucks. If I ever need tree work done again, I know who I am calling.
Jason Ganly

September 2018
Reliable company,professional awesome people,reasonable price,
Really happy with the beautiful work they have done.
Thank you Blue Ridge Tree Service.
Lisa Wang

September 20, 2018
i highly recommend Blue Ridge Tree service. These guys were very professional and really knowledgeable about trees. They did a fantastic job of taking down one very huge tree and 4 pine trees. They did a great job of cleaning up afterwards. They were super nice and very respectful and their price for the job was reasonable and fair. Over the years I had many different companies take down some trees, but Blue Ridge by far is top notch in comparison.
Carol Caracciolo Dianora


September 8, 2018
Had the crew cut down limbs from several trees. One week from contact to cutdown. Excellent job complete with removal of the limbs and cleanup. Friendly, professional, reasonable price.
Robin Geiger

July 11, 2018
Just had some trees removed yesterday by this company. They were wonderful. They worked hard, took down some difficult trees (pines over 80ft high) reasonable price, professional, left my property cleaner than they found it! Can't say enough about them. I'll be calling them next year for sure.
Maria DePalma-Cocozza

June 27, 2018
I found myself in the proverbial "cat stuck in a tree situation". Due to location and the hight the cat was. The fire department was unable to do anything. Ground extension ladders wouldn't even come close. I reached out to blue ridge tree service. They were on location, with a bucket truck within an hour. Unfortunately the cat had other plans and escaped. They tried everything they could. Blue ridge went above and beyond to try and rescue my cat. If he wasn't moving around the branches every time they got close. They would have gotten him for sure. Thank you for your efforts. Technically he's out of the tree!!!!
Adam Flint

I watched these guys complete taking down three trees in one day. They are amazingly skilled have all the equipment and very nice men to work for you! #1 for sure.
Ocean O.
Dingmans Ferry, PA

April 13, 2018
A HUGE shoutout to Dan & the guys at Blue Ridge Tree Service! Had a big old oak tree that was split down the middle & way too close to power lines. Needed to come down before it took out the power lines leading to the house. He gave me a very fair price & was here within a day! Didn’t leave a mess, very professional and both he and his crew were very personable! I highly, highly, HIGHLY (did I say highly?) recommend them for any tree service & definitely wouldn’t hesitate to call them again myself
Diane Schmidt Triglianos

August 17, 2018
The best... Prompt, courteous, , worked quickly, and efficiently,neat and clean, and very professional....They left my yard cleaner than before they got here.. Would have no problem recommending them, or using them again... Very reasonable price, as well...
Bob Devine

Finally, real professionals! Having dealt with unreliable, sloppy fly-by-night tree guys in the Poconos in the past, it is refreshing to deal with real professionals. Dan from Blue Ridge quoted me a good price and showed up when he said he would. His people quickly dispatched five trees, hauled away the cut wood, cleaned up the saw dust (even blowing off the debris from the roof) and left my property cleaner than when they started. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone who needs tree service in the Poconos.
Roy G.
Milford, PA


October 18, 2017
Excellent price, work and crew! Dan and his team are true professionals who give 150% to the job and customer satisfaction!. They arrived on time, completed the work, cleaned up and were gone! A perfect job... they exceeded our expectations! Will be calling Blue Ridge for all our future tree work needs.
John Mascia

September 1, 2017
So very happy with Blue Ridge Tree Services. Dan and his crew are efficient, friendly, professional and work their butts off. The job site was left clean and tidy - they worked a really long day to insure everything was done right. Do not hesitate to call Blue Ridge Tree Services! They show up on time, call you back, and are most reasonable for the amount of work the crew accomplishes. My husband and I could not be more happy with the work, and we could not believe the amount of work they got done in one day! A truly wonderful company and crew of guys - thank you!
Meg Stewart

So happy I hired Blue Ridge for my tree removals & clean up.
#1 They call you back.
#2 They show up for estimate when they say they will.
#3 Their price is fair
#4 They show up on day agreed with crew & trucks ready to work.
Professional, friendly, & efficient describes their work. Don't hesitate to call them.
Sandra I.
Milford, PA

July 29, 2017
We had a huge oak tree that hung over the house and electrical wires. These guys at blue ridge are very knowledgeable, professional, reasonably priced, and did an amazing job. We are so pleased with their services we highly recommend them
Natalie Baron

We have a summer spot in the Poconos, so we don't really know what things should cost in PA as we live in NYC. We needed two large trees cut down, with one up against a deck and another next to a travel trailer. After getting some outrageous quotes from other tree companies, our neighbor recommended we give these guys a call. Price quoted was far less than most others. Makes you think, do they cut corners or are the other guys trying to rip us off? It was the latter. Blue Ridge was professional, efficient, and safe. On top of it they had a very reasonable price and were responsive to our calls and all-around nice guys to chat with while the job was ongoing. They came with 3 big trucks, and it was great to watch how quickly yet safely they got the job done. Did both trees in about an hour. If you need tree services, these are the guys you should be using.
Dee T.
Manhattan, NY

March 29, 2017
Blue Ridge Tree Service just got done taking down a large oak tree on my property, done while I was at work. Came home to tree gone but almost no evidence of a crew being here. Wood was neatly piled and no debris around the site. I can say I am more than satisfied and would recommend if you have any tree work to get done. Besides the excellent work they came when they said they would and called back, customer focused company.
Michael Hagn

May 29, 2017
This is the second time we used Blue Ridge Tree service. The job was major with 10 story pines that were surrounding our house. Blue Ridge tree service & their team moved these trees with ease with their professional equipment. We are so pleased that we highly recommend them. Thank you!
Karen Kontizas


December 18, 2016
We also had a great experience with Dan and his team. He was very responsive to our request for an estimate (reasonable price, too) and did the job on time, with excellent clean up and we noticed some trimming that wasn't in the estimate that they took care of on their own. Already called them to do another small job which was also well done and will definitely use them again. Thanks for all the work!
Diane Coviello Frawley

November 25, 2016
Today I had the very distinct pleasure of meeting the crew from Blue Ridge Tree Services as they did some tree removal on the empty lot next to mine in Birchwood Lakes. What a terrific and personable group of men. As they were nearing the end of their job I asked how much they would charge to remove a large limb in my yard that was causing some structural disturbance. As I have never had the need to use a tree service before, I had no idea what it might cost. As it turned out, it was a little more than I had left in my budget. I planned on doing it at a later time. Dan, being the great guy that he is, decided to go ahead and remove that limb anyway as the other guys did the cleanup. What a terrific business group. I would highly recommend this company for all your "woodsy" needs.
Brenda Stevens

October 11, 2016
Just wanted to say how happy I am with the job Blue Ridge did today at my home. Dan did some very nice things with the rocks in the back yard and really cleared the trees so that I could have more sunlight in the yard. Don't forget to come back for my grading of the front and side lawn. You are very creative! I will def recomend you to anyone I know who needs tree services!!
Lisa Hayden

March 21, 2016
I had called Blue Ridge Tree Services about a cat stuck in a tree. I live in Scranton and was calling on behalf of a complete stranger. Dan was more than willing and ready to handle this somewhat strange phone call. He had his guys on it almost immediately and executed a timely and professional job. They were quick to answer their phones, kept me updated, and were more than fair with their price. As a small business owner myself, this is the quality of service and professionalism I give my clients and Blue Ridge Tree Services gave me. Highly recommended.
Harrison Wolff

February 29, 2016
Another fantastic job, used these guys last summer, and just had them come down and give me price of couple of trees while they were on the st working, and ended up having them cut them down. Great prices, reliable, and don't screw you over like some places do!  I had 3 other people come out to look at same trees and almost double & triple the price. Keep up the great work guys, will definitely have you back
L. Delfem

February 3, 2016
Price was very reasonable. Work was very efficient . Cleaned up very well.  Trees that had to be cut down were very close to the house - they cut them all down with no problems. Had to maneuver the lift around wires - no problem. These guys knew exactly what they were doing. If I ever need trees cut down again - I absolutely would call them again and would recommend them to everybody!
Linda S.

September 17, 2015

Fantastic job and clean up. Dan and his crew are the ones to call. Knowledgeable, professional and proceed right. Thanks again!
T. Lake Phipps

August 29, 2015
Thanks for you work today. We are very happy with the result and can finally enjoy
our new backyard!
J. Borda

August 24, 2015

Top notch crew !!! I would highly recommend. Clean , quick ,and stuck to
their original estimate
S. Boyce

August 12, 2015
Great service, super fast and reasonable. Highly recommended!!
T. Ricca Kupinski

July 15, 2015
I called Dan, and he came right over. He gave me an estimate over the phone. But when he saw the job the estimate was less. He recommended a few other services which were very reasonable. I would recommend Blue Ridge Tree Services highly for there quick response and there quality service.
Michael S.

July 08, 2015
Dan and the boys were real professionals....tree cutting acrobats....they exceeded my expectations with their work...they did a really great job and gave me the backyard that me and my kids always wanted....and their prices are unmatched. I consider Dan and his crew not just a tree service but now our friends
Leo M.

June 9, 2015
Dependable, reasonably priced and great customer service!
T. Sabo DeGraw