Crane Service

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The tree professionals at Blue Ridge Tree Services use a variety of specialized equipment, including cranes to remove large trees. A crane is also useful for removal of smaller trees in tight, delicate, or hard to reach spaces. For instance: fenced in yards, near septic systems, between dwellings, or on a slope.

The use of a crane for tree removal greatly lessens the impact on your yard. Limbs and trees are hoisted up, over obstacles, and then lowered to an area where crews are set up to dismantle the tree and feed it into a chipper. Crane use for tree removal is very efficient as the entire project is completed in hours rather than days.

No Margin For Error

Once it’s been determined that a crane is necessary for removal of your trees your next thought may be that there’s no margin for error. Teamwork is a key ingredient as the crane operator and the crew need to work seamlessly together as though they’ve done it a thousand times before. At Royal Green we own our cranes. Our team is highly skilled with years of experience working together. And similar to sports teams analyzing game film, we maintain a log on every project. If need be, we can reference past projects in order to learn from our success.

If you don't need a full cord, you can also order partial cords, kindling or campfire wood.  Please contact us for pricing.

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